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Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties Puts an End to the Nuisance Insects that are Bugging You!

We are Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties. Our goal is to make your Mainline, West Chester and Newtown Square yard a comfortable and safe place where you and your family can spend time without the worry of nuisance insects. You may be misled that mosquitoes are the only insects we control and prevent since they are part of our name, however, this is certainly not the case.

You get what we’re saying, right? Names can be a bit misleading sometimes. Gatorade is not a rescue network for alligators. Wal-mart doesn’t sell walls. And Amazon is not just a river, but one of the largest online retailers in history. With this in mind, Mosquito Squad doesn’t just take care of mosquitoes. It is true that we are indeed the number one all-stop shop for all mosquito control, prevention and protection services. Our integrated pest management approach (IPM), allows us to help you eradicate all the annoying pests from your yard. We help control mosquitoes, ticks and other nuisance insects ensuring that your outdoor space is livable again.

Here are just a few of the insects we can help control at your Chester & Delaware county property:


The most effective tick control only starts with a spray. For long-term tick elimination in all life cycles, you need tick tubes. Because of the widespread prevalence of ticks and the high concentration of Lyme disease in our area, we cannot stress enough the importance of implementing an effective tick control strategy in your own yard. Pennsylvania is considered among many as the “bull’s eye” for Lyme Disease. Our tick control methods go above and beyond what other outdoor pest control companies provide. While most of them stop at a spray, we go a step further and implement a longer-term solution to controlling ticks on your property with tick tubes.

The same barrier treatment that we use to control mosquitoes works just as effectively on adult ticks — up to 90% elimination for nearly three weeks — however, our tick tubes are a “bonus round” of tick control designed to eliminate ticks in their younger stages as well. While most ticks in their larva and nymph stages appear in springtime, the reality is that their life cycle is year-round, thus there’s no “bad time” to implement tick tubes on your property.

Stink Bugs

Our professionals are well trained in treating the outside of your home for these pests. We use the same products for our stink bug treatments that are used for our mosquito control barrier treatments, although they are applied differently. For stink bug control, we treat your property in areas stink bugs converge once they have exited the home
AND we spot treat above the foundation of your home to protect the areas where stink bugs enter.

Spiders & Ants

Our broad spectrum formula allows us to control many of the insects that try to enter your home such as spiders and ants. The manner in which our trained technicians treat your property plays a significant role in the effective reduction of nuisance insects on your property. We are not only aware of what types of insects to be cognizant of during specific times, but also where to treat in order to gain the most benefit. For example, we treat the foundation of your home in order to keep insects like spiders and stink bugs from entering.

Read more about how our services can prevent and control many of the nuisance insects in your West Chester, Newtown Square and Mainline, PA, yard at Something Stinks in Chester & Delaware County, PA, and other creepy true stories!

The Spotted Lantern Fly

This colorful bug has caused a great deal of commotion and received a lot of airtime in the media this season! The good news is, Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware county’s barrier treatment, the same one that eliminates mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs and more on your property ALSO ELIMINATES Spotted Lanternflies! Our treatments will rid of your Spotted Lanternflies within our treatment range area (which is typically 20 ft in height). Learn more at The Spotted Lanternfly — Have you seen this bug? Alert the Squad!

In addition to knowing where and how to spray to deliver an effective barrier. We also know where not to spray in order to not harm beneficial insects in your PA landscape, too, such as bees and other pollinators. Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties always avoids spraying any flowering plants, trees or shrubs. Our treatment process is designed to minimize that danger, nor will any residue be taken back to harm the hive as a result of our treatment. Mosquito Squad has worked hard to ensure our products do not harm the good insects and this is solidified through the manner in which we treat.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties to learn more about controlling the bugs that are bugging you, so you and your family can focus on enjoying the outdoors again! You can reach us at (610) 624-8441, or via email at [email protected].

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