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Fake News Can Happen to You: Don’t Believe Every Tick Removal Home Remedy on Facebook

At Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties, we are looking out for you and your family. When it comes to lowering our clients’ risks for tick-borne and mosquito-borne diseases, we leave no stone unturned or mosquito and tick-related myth we won’t try to debunk!

In today’s social media atmosphere, it can be difficult to sort between bad advice and good advice. While there is a surge of people looking for home remedies and do-it-yourself solutions – which is not a bad thing – there is an equal surge of response to the demand, leading to uninformed individuals posting bad advice.

Do NOT Remove a Tick with Peppermint Oil

With over a half a million views, a video has been circulating Facebook advising watchers to use peppermint oil to encourage embedded ticks to detach themselves. Take a moment to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for expert advice on safe tick removal. You’ll quickly find that the peppermint oil advice is in direct contradiction to safe tick removal methods.

Social Media Myths Debunked

In fact, smothering a tick or stressing it out in anyway with common home remedies can increase your likelihood of contracting a tick-borne disease, like Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis, if the tick is infected. The stress can cause the tick to regurgitate saliva into your bloodstream which will hasten the speed at which a disease is passed on to humans from a tick bite. We’ve heard it all from using a hot match, hot lighter, nail polish remover, and petroleum jelly to “burn the tick off.” Please do not do any of these things.

Follow our recommendations for safe tick removal to remove a tick quickly and safely using pointy tweezers to slowly and carefully pull it out of your skin. Follow up by cleaning the bite with alcohol and save the tick in a sealed baggy with the date on it in case you develop symptoms of illness.

If you have any questions about tick safety, please give us a call. And to avoid tick bites at home, in your own backyard, call Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties to sign up for our tick control service (610) 595-4094 or via email at [email protected].

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