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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

You have probably seen signs around Chester and Delaware County for mosquito and tick control companies whose name closely resembles ours. Most consist of a two-word title with four syllables — much like our name — but that is where the similarities end.

Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties is part of the original mosquito control business. Nationwide, Mosquito Squad has become the most trusted mosquito and tick control company and the model to which others try to copy. As the founders of the pest control industry, no one has delivered more treatments, protected more families and covered more areas than Mosquito Squad — and the competition is not even close. We’re the Squad, protecting families locally and globally from the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes.

  • We approach every day with a passion to do our best in every capacity possible so our clients can enjoy their yards and outdoor spaces.
  • We strive to provide extraordinary service in every aspect of our client relationships, from the first time we answer your phone call to continually treating your property with the utmost precision and respect.
  • We educate our consumers with factual knowledge and strong messages on how to avoid mosquito bites in memorable ways.
  • We use the highest- quality products available regardless of cost.
  • Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties is a vital part of the community. Assisting in local efforts to raise awareness of mosquito and tick-borne illness and disease.
  • We employ PA Certified and trained technicians.
  • Every job we do is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back as our promise to you.

Doug and London attending the recent Citizens For A No-Kill event in Philadelphia. Pictured here with Samantha Holbrook, President, Citizens For A No-Kill Philadelphia.

  • We are dedicated to giving back, on a local scale to our Chester and Delaware County community through our efforts with Brandywine Valley SPCA and their annual Walk for Paws 5K event. Mosquito Squad of Chester & Delaware Counties also supports our two local high school teams, Additionally, we donate our services to the local volunteer fire department along with donating to the Chester County hospital.
  • We are also dedicated to giving back on a global scale through our partnership with Malaria No More, by donating thousands of dollars to educate mothers and their children and providing them with tests, treatments and protective bed nets to avoid mosquito bites when they sleep.

Just as Oscar Wilde said in his well-known quote Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness it makes us proud that our competition tries to emulate Mosquito Squad — it is an indication that we are doing it right!

When it comes to protecting you and your family, don’t accept anything less than the original mosquito control company. Contact Mosquito Squad of Chester and Delaware Counties today at (610) 674-0799, or via email at [email protected].

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