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A Frightening Equation: How ONE Mosquito Can Spawn Billions In Your Chester Or Delaware County Backyard

I know it may seem like a stretch, but the truth is, one female mosquito can spawn over one billion mosquitoes in just four short weeks within an untreated backyard. By using simple multiplication, the natural order of the mosquito population turns an army of just one female mosquito into an army of over one billion mosquitoes! Here is how it works…

Week One

In order for a female mosquito to develop viable eggs to facilitate reproduction, she must obtain a sufficient blood meal from a human or other mammal. This single female mosquito will then proceed to lay up to 300 eggs. A female mosquito can lay up to three batches of eggs during their short lifetime. From here the mosquito has already perpetuated a significant amount of blood-thirsty offspring in which about half will be female mosquitoes.

Week Two

Our equation now includes 150 new female mosquitoes, plus the original matriarch of the brood which brings the total to 151 female mosquitoes. This is where it really gets interesting; the 150 daughters of the original female mosquito will also lay up to 300 eggs each. This brings the total number of mosquitoes up to 45,300, of which half are female.

Week Three

This now means 22,650 female mosquitoes will once again lay up to 300 eggs each bringing the number during their egg-laying period to 6,795,300. That is almost 7 million mosquitoes brought into your backyard via one female mosquito in just 3 weeks! The same strategy of half being born female will leave us with 3,397,000 females ready to do it all over again

Week Four

The sum of all homeowner’s fear will weigh in at a whopping 1,319,250,000 mosquitoes from just one female mosquito! That’s over 1.3 BILLION!

Fortunately, there is a way to stop this vicious cycle in your West Chester, Newtown Square or Mainline area backyard. Mosquito Squad of Chester and Delaware Counties’ barrier treatment program will eliminate mosquitoes that are present on your property and prevent more from taking up residence. By reducing the number of mosquitoes on your treated property, you can literally eliminate billions of mosquitoes. Not only will eliminating these mosquitoes offer you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy the outdoors this season, it will also reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard that carry disease.

NOW is the time to schedule your season-long mosquito control. Warm weather is here and in a few short weeks mosquito populations will explode in our region. We offer an effective mosquito barrier control program to eliminate mosquitoes within your treated property and prevent more from entering into the treated area (your property) for up to 21 days. Our easy, worry free scheduling ensures there are no gaps in service. We will set you up on a scheduled interval to treat your yard in order to gain complete control over mosquitoes and their ability to multiply. Our service is easy and highly effective.

Our program is backed by our expertise and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact Mosquito Squad of Chester and Delaware Counties today at (610) 674-0799, or via email at [email protected].

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